Issue of Wisdom

10th Edition – GO[L]D Standard

There are so many options and decisions that you need to make when living a life of purpose. Some might be simple, but some will be very difficult and risky. But how do you know which is the most effective to ensure you fulfill your purpose in God? This is where wisdom plays a crucial role! In this edition we are going to discuss about Godly wisdom that is manifested through excellence.

11th Edition – Zero to One

How does wisdom look like in practical situation? Most people would say that it can be seen from the quality of decision that is made. However, do you know that there is another perspective of wisdom that is mentioned in the bible? In this edition we are going to discuss a very different side of wisdom which is creativity.

12th Edition – The Road Less Traveled

The pursuit of Godly wisdom requires you to take the path that is in contrary to the world’s point of view. You will often find that His truth leads you to a path that no one will ever take. Knowing the truth is not the same with walking in the truth. In this last issue of wisdom we are going to dive into how wisdom enters the pure heart and flows out in the form of integrity.