Issue of Purpose

1st Edition – Starting Point

Have you ever wondered if things that happened in your life were not just a coincidence? What if there is a higher power that somehow planned everything including your future? Are you ready to accept that you were actually made for something great? Our first edition addresses the matter of life purpose and how to start the greatest adventure of your life.

2nd Edition – The Man in the Mirror

Who do you see when you look into the mirror? When God created you, He also equipped you with potentials. However, the image that He has painted in your life often get distorted by the opinion that people has for you. This edition encourages you to go look within yourself and find the hidden seed of greatness that God has planted.

3rd Edition – What Lies Beyond the Wall

We often think that our purpose is always related to wealth, resources, and power. However, this is the lies that the world tells to be the goal of your life. In this last part of the issue of purpose, you are going to looking outside your walls and.understand that your purpose is never meant to be about you.