Issue of Growth

4th Edition – Building a Heartcore Foundation

Knowing your purpose does not mean that you already start to run on the track. Instead, it only sets the direction that you should go. Life of purpose is a journey of constant growth and it requires your seed to be planted in the right ground. In this edition we are going to discuss about the importance of growth and how to build a heartcore foundation in your life.

5th Edition – What Goes Up Must Go Down

A good tree without a strong root will not be able to stand against harsh condition. The deeper the root, the stronger the tree is. Growth requires us to be developed in the hidden place and it is not an instant process. In this edition you are going to understand that growing down is a prerequisite of growing upwards.

6th Edition – The Good Fruit

Your life is meant to be fruitful and it should continually growing in the the right season. In the last edition of issue of growth, we are going to talk about what does it mean to have a fruitful life and how can we maintain it to be everlasting. Spoiler alert, the fruit is never meant to be only about you.