Issue of Faith

7th Edition – Blurred Vision

Have you ever been in a condition where suddenly you have some doubts about the purpose of your life? Have you ever got confused when living your purpose in God because the result seems to be very far from what you think? In this first edition about faith we are discussing about what to do when you are in the condition of blurred vision.

8th Edition – The Walk to the Other Side

A life of faith is never defined by staying idle and being passive. There is always an element of risk when taking a step of faith and it requires you to be fueled by the right motivation. This edition tries to address the issue of proactive faith and how to start moving from your current status to a place of God’s supernatural intervention.

9th Edition – Faith Forward

How can you able to see the light in the midst of thick clouds? At some point when living your purpose in God, there will come times that will make you feel like giving up. This edition talks about faith that sees far beyond to eternity and how does hope plays a crucial role to respond to any challenges that you are facing.